• Information about Departure and Arrival Procedures

Information about Departure and Arrival Procedures

International flight boarding procedures

  1. 1. Boarding Procedures (1F)

    Check in at your airline's check-in counter.
    Excess charges may apply depending on the size and weight of your checked baggage.
    Check with each airline for specific information.

    <1F International Check-in Counter>
  2. 2. Moving to the Departure Gate (2F)

    Proceed to the second floor and line up at the security checkpoint for the International Departure Gate, located in front of convenience store (Family Mart).

    <International Departure Gate>
  3. 3. Security Check (2F)

    Go through the security check point 30 - 90 minutes prior to your departure.
    For inspection liquids must be placed in individual containers with a capacity of 100ml or less and put in a clear plastic bag with a zipper whose capacity is no more than 1L .
    ※Containers and plastic bag can be purchased at the convenience store in front of the International Departures security checkpoint.

  4. 4. Customs Procedures (2F)

    Fill out the specified form and submit it to Customs when taking foreign products such as wristwatches, cash (1 million yen), or duty-free goods, etc. out of Japan. For further information, please refer to the Japan Customs website.
    (→Japan Customs).

  5. 5. Passport Control (2F)

    Present your passport and proceed through immigration inspection.
    For more information, refer to the Immigration Service Agency of Japan website (→Immigration Services Agency).

    <Passport Control>
  6. 6.Moving to the Boarding Gate (2F)

    Please wait in the departure lounge until your scheduled departure time.

    <Departure Lounge>
    <Boarding Gate>

International flight Arrival Procedures

  1. 1. Arrivals (2F)

    Follow the instructions of the staff and proceed through the boarding bridge and concourse.

    <Boarding Bridge>
  2. 2. Quarantine (2F)

    Persons experiencing diarrhea, fever, or feeling unwell should notify a quarantine inspector.

  3. 3. Immigration (2F)

    Go through immigration inspection quarantine inspection. Present your passport.
    After proceeding through immigration, you will see guide board signs for the exit and baggage claim area. Please take the stairs or escalator to the first floor.

    <guide board signs for baggage claim area>
  4. 4. Baggage Claim, Customs Procedures, Animal/Plant Quarantine (1F)

    After confirming and collecting your checked baggage, fill in the required fields on the Declaration Form for your accompanied and / or unaccompanied articles, then proceed through Customs inspection.
    For more information, refer to the Japan Customs website(→ Japan Customs).
    Check the regulations regarding the import and export of vegetables, fruits, plants, meat products, and animals in advance.
    For more information regarding regulations, please check each webpage
    (→Animal Quarantine Service
    Plant Quarantine Service).

    <Baggage Claim>
    <Animal/Plant Quarantine>
  5. 5. Arrival Lobby (1F)

    Proceed to the Arrival Lobby from the exit.
    For those using public transportation or parking lot, please check the information here .