• Information about Boarding and Arrival Procedures : International Flights

Information about Boarding and Arrival Procedures : International Flights

International Departures

  1. 1. Complete boarding procedures

    Please complete check-in procedures at your airline's check-in counter.
    Check-in luggage may incur excess baggage charges depending on its size and weight. Please see your airline's websites for details.

    Spring Airlines
    China Airlines

    the first floor check-in counter
  2. 2. Proceed to the Departures
    International Departures.
  3. 3. Pass through Security Control

    Please make sure that you and your carry-on luggage have passed through Security Control between 30 - 90 minutes before your scheduled departure time.
    Please put all liquids in individual containers of up to 100ml and place the containers in a plastic bag with a zip before carrying them through Security Control. The plastic bag may have a capacity of up to 1l.

  4. 4. Customs procedures and Passport Control

    Passengers taking foreign goods, such as watches; sums of cash exceeding the equivalent of 1,000,000 JPY; or duty-free export items out of the country should fill in the necessary parts of the designated documentation and submit it to the Customs Office.
    Passengers must present their passports for inspection at Passport Control.

    Immigration Bureau

    Passport Control
  5. 5. Proceed to the boarding gate
    the boarding gate

International Arrivals

  1. 1. Arrive
  2. 2. Proceed through Quarantine

    Customers experiencing symptoms such as a fever or vomiting should report these to the quarantine inspector.

  3. 3. Passport Control

    After Quarantine, passengers will pass through Passport Control. Customers should present their passports for inspection.

    Passport Control
  4. 4. Collect baggage, complete Customs procedures, pass through Animal and Plant Inspection

    Please only take away items of check-in luggage once you have confirmed that they are definitely yours. Passengers should fill in the necessary parts of the Declaration for Accompanied and Unaccompanied Articles forms and have them checked at Customs.
    There are rules for importing and exporting items such as plants (including fruits and vegetables), meat products and animals. Customers should check the guidelines for these items beforehand.

    Plant protection station
    Animal Quarantine

    Baggage Reclaim
  5. 5. Leave via the arrivals gate