• Information about Departure and Arrival Procedures

Information about Departure and Arrival Procedures

Domestic flight boarding procedures

  1. 1.Boarding Procedures(1F)

    Check in at your airline's check-in counter.
    Proceed directly to the security checkpoint if you are using a ticketless service.
    For those who wish to check in baggage, please check it in at the baggage counter first.

  2. 2. Moving to the Departure Gate (2F)

    Proceed to the domestic departure entrance on the second floor and line up at the security checkpoint.

    <Domestic Departure Entrance>
    <Security Checkpoint>
  3. 3. Security Check (2F)

    Go through the security check point at least 20 minutes (*1) before your scheduled departure time.
    (*1) at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time when flying with Jetstar Japan.

  4. 4. Moving to the Boarding Gate (2F)

    Follow the instructions provided by each airline and proceed to your boarding gate.


Domestic flight Arrival procedures

  1. 1. Arrivals (2F)

    As you proceed through the boarding bridge and concourse, you will see guide board signs for the exit and baggage claim area. Please take the stairs, escalator or elevator to the first floor.

    <Boarding Bridge>
    <Guide Board Signs For Baggage Claim Area>
  2. 2. Baggage Claim (1F)

    Confirm that baggages are yours before claiming them.

    <Baggage Claim>
  3. 3. Arrival Lobby (1F)

    Proceed to the Arrival Lobby from the exit.
    For those using public transportation or parking lot, please check the information here.