Information about Boarding and Arrival Procedures : Domestic Flights



Domestic Departures


(1)Complete boarding procedures

Please complete check-in procedures at your airline's check-in counter.
(Passengers using the ticketless service should proceed directly to Security Control.)
Passengers who would like to check in luggage should hand it over at the Baggage Counter.

the first floor check-in counter, the self-service check-in machines

(2)Proceed to the Departures

  • Domestic Departures

(3)Pass through Security Control

Please make sure that you and your carry-on luggage have passed through Security Control by 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

(4)Proceed to the Boarding Gate

the boarding gate

Domestic Arrivals



(2)Collect baggage

Please only take away items of check-in luggage once you have confirmed that they are definitely yours.

  • Baggage Reclaim

(3)Leave via the Arrivals Gate