• Access Information

Access Information


For JR Takamatsu Station

【Bus Stop】Takamatsu Airport : No.2

【Operating Company】Kotoden Bus

For Kotohira

【Bus Stop】Takamatsu Airport : No.1

【Operating Company】Kinku Bus

For Marugame・Utazu・Sakaide

【Bus Stop】Takamatsu Airport : No.4

【Operating Company】Kotosan Bus

For Kawanoe・Shikokuchuo

【Bus Stop】Takamatsu Airport : No.0

【Operating Company】Seisan Kanko


30minutes to/from JR Takamatsu Station  Fare : 4,700~5,000 yen

*Times and Fares may vary with the traffic conditions and routes.


Takamatsu Airport Parking (1,393 vehicles)

Operating hours : 24/7

Phone number : 0120-010-966

Parking Fees :

Time Standard size
Regular season High season
From entrance Up to 30mins For free
Up to 60 mins For free
Up to 90 mins 400 yen
Up to 120 mins 400 yen
For each subsequent 1 hour period 200 yen
Maximum for each 24 hours period 1,000 yen 1,200 yen

*Motorcycles can be parked free of charge in motorcycle paring area.